about elizabeth

Here I am at work on ferry beach in Scarborough. Photo by Fred Weymouth

I am a spirited & disciplined daily painter from Portland, Maine, where I have a studio on Munjoy Hill.  I paint a lot & spend time in my studio most days. I started my daily painting project in January of 2006 and it changed my life as an artist. The exercise in discipline has been extraordinary; my eye is sharper; my sense of color is stronger; compositions jump out at me; I see a painting in everything.

I have created an art journal with my small daily paintings, giving my viewers an insight into my life as an artist in Maine, as well as a sense of my time and place in Portland. My daily painting project has resulted in the completion of thousands of small paintings as well as numerous larger works and many, may pet portraits.

With my bright, bold use of color and expressive brush strokes, my paintings evoke feelings and moods taken from moments that impress me. From sunrises on the Eastern Prom, to napping pets and vases of flowers, to trips to the Farmer’s Market, and visits to nearby beaches and parks, it is the beauty that surrounds me in my everyday world that is the subject of my work.

The Daily painting movement is an international phenomenon & has received much publicity for making art accessible to everyone. I have received national attention in an article about daily painters in the New York Times and Art Business News and have been featured in the USA Today online Holiday Gift Guide. I have also received local coverage in Port City Life & the Maine Switch.


Now, about the critters … Every artist needs a muse and I am blessed to have 4 that include a Boston Terrier and 3 fluffy cats. As an animal lover, it is such a thrill for me to paint not only my furry friends, but also the beloved pets of others. I welcome commission work and look forward to painting your best friends. Please click on the pet portrait link for details and pricing information.