Acadia in Paint

Click here for Acadia in Gouache Paintings

I have been lucky enough to spend some time on Mount Desert Island both this summer and last summer and it was soooo inspiring! While I got to enjoy so many amazing parts of the park–from walking and biking the carriage roads to hiking trails and swimming in Echo Lake–my heart is drawn to the ocean and the iconic Porcupine Islands and the rocky, pink granite shoreline. I admire those Porcupine Islands from every angle I can and even paddled around a couple of them on my paddleboard, which was dreamy.  I’m kind of obsessed with them–don’t they look like whales headed out to sea in the sunrise painting pictured below? 

Summer Solstice Sunrise – 48×24

It was so fun to get to spend a chunk of time focusing on this special place and reflecting on the many moments that stopped me in my tracks. This collection includes a summer solstice sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, a couple of pieces inspired by an early morning walk over to Bar Island, a couple of pieces from a hot morning stroll along the Ocean Path, a misty and foggy trip to Sand Beach, a sunset sky from the Ship Harbor trail, and a late afternoon view of my favorite Porcupine Island, Bald Porcupine. :-). I’ve also included a couple of small oil paintings and some gouache paintings (the gouache paintings are available at THIS link) in the collection–there’s just so much beauty to share. I hope you enjoy and I hope you can smell the salt air, hear the sound of the surf and the breeze and simply feel the magic of Acadia when you look at these pieces. xoxo