Vinalhaven paintings available

1) Beach Meditation, 12x12
2) Perry Creek Afternoon, 12x12
3) Harbor Sparkles, 8x8
4) Granite Shore, 8x8
5) Nightfall Window View, 6x6
6) Old Harbor Nightfall, 6x6
7) Sunrise Moon, 6x6

Larger Oil on Canvas Paintings:  Not yet framed

11) Sunset Glow, 16x16
12) Tiptoe Golden Hour, 24x24
13) Island Sunrise, 24x24
14) Peace on Earth, 24x48
15) Morning in Sand Cove I, 24x36
16) Morning in Sand Cove II, 24x36

Elizabeth is a Portland oil painter from Munjoy Hill, and she simply cannot get enough of Vinalhaven–there is no subject matter that calls to her more! She visited for the first time twelve years ago and jumps at any opportunity she can to go back, whether it be for a day trip, a long weekend or most recently, a month at a house on Sands Rd.  Elizabeth loves exploring Vinalhaven’s coves on her yellow paddleboard; she loves jumping into the quarries and off of the granite ledges in the Basin; and she loves exploring ALL of the trails. For her, the inspiration from the working harbor and the natural beauty of the island is intoxicating. She works both en plein air and in her studio, and when she’s not on Vinalhaven, she’s thinking about how she can get back to it. Sometimes a connection to a place cannot be explained.