Love Shacks

Summer Day Shacks • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $925purchase link

Peaceful Moon Shacks • 36×24 • oil on canvas • $1325purchase link

Forever Shacks • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $925purchase link

It’s been fun for me to revisit all of my photos and memories of the fishing shacks at Willard Beach that I’ve collected over the years. The fishing shacks were the first Maine landmark I fell in love with when we moved here in 1999. We would walk our pups on Willard and explore the shacks and admire them from all angles. So special. So missed.

Ever since we all watched the shacks get swept away in the devastating January storms I have been obsessed with revisting them in paint, and while I was under the weather for 6 weeks at the beginning year, I didn’t have the energy to get out my bigger canvases and paint them … but now I do. The 9 small paintings I did last month were the perfect thing to get my wheels turning for some larger works and for smaller some studies too. I’ve been playing with some gouache, watercolors and watercolor crayons and have a couple of older block prints as well. Enjoy!

All Fishing Shack paintings available HERE

And I am still planning to do some shacks notecards and or a calendar with proceeds going to coastal support organizations, It may take me a little while, but it will happen. 🙂