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Under the Umbrella

I love popping into Low Country Cider Co. & Superior Coffee not only because I love their oat milk lattes, but I also because I love their patio! Just look at these orange umbrellas and blue tables. So inviting. Come on, let’s enjoy a cup of joe!

Lane’s Island Joy

Painting the Lowcountry is so different from painting the Maine coast. The shores are so different–it’s all sand and marsh down here and mostly rocky ledges and pine trees at home. Today I decided to let myself get lost in the familiar which is the rugged island coastline. So fun. I love the colors of […]

Tropical Sunset

There are a few similarities between the South Carolina Lowcountry and the Maine coast … lots of beauty, islands, water, wonderful wildlife and in places the marsh looks the same. But really they are such different landscapes and the colors have a different feel too. Here’s a recent sunset as seen from the end of […]

Fiddler’s Sunset

I love all sunsets, but when there are some floating clouds that call for a dramatic end to the day, that is my favorite! I have witnessed a few of them over the marsh on Fiddler’s Ridge recently and it’s pure magic. At this time of year we can watch them right from the kitchen […]

Sunset at the Crab Shack

I walk down to the neighborhood crab shack just about every day. I love going out on the dock to take in the magic of the marsh and the tides. When there is water in the creek the reflections of the sky are so cool. This was from a sunset outing the other day that […]

Sea Grass Sunrise

I’ve been sharing some of my photos with my brother and we decided to do another Fripp beach sunrise for this weeks sibling set. It’s fun to get lost in the colors of the beach at sunrise … I love the cools and the warms of the light coming across the water, beach and sand […]

Marsh Madness

I’m surrounded by marsh down here in the Lowcountry and I love it. It’s so much fun to watch the tides and wildlife come and go. And of course the colors and reflections are different in each passing moment. The beauty of nature never gets old, does it?

Day Break On the Dunes

We’re back with a Sibling set after taking a couple of weeks off. Phew! It’s so nice to get back on track. I’m down in the South Carolina Lowcountry, enjoying the salty air, the beach, the dunes and the marsh. I go for a sunrise beach walk every day and this is the view I […]

Moon Set, Sunrise

I’m down in the South Carolina Lowcountry right now and walking on the beach in the morning is my favorite way to start the day … especially when there’s a full moon involved. We got down to the beach and didn’t know which way to turn: at one end of the beach the moon was […]

Porcupine Island Glow

The days are getting longer and the afternoon light is so delightful and has us thinking of warmer afternoons … like this one. Here’s a view of a few of the Porcupine Islands for this week’s sibling set as seen from the road up Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. So gorgeous! I love seeing […]