Poppies Lino Cuts

Poppies Lino Cuts • 4×5 inch block or approx 6.5×7.5 paper • $25 each

I’ve been meaning to do something with this poppies linoleum block I carved last month and I thought this week’s tiny tuesday was the perfect opportunity to make it happen. I just let myself play with color, paper, printing and painting too, and it was really fun! I tried all kinds of things … there are some single color block prints, a few 2 color block prints printed from 2 blocks and then some hand colored variations too. I love how each one is different and I love the imperfections in them all. They tell the story of the process and that each one was made my hand … from the carving to the rolling of the ink and the placing of the paper and the burnishing of the paper on the inked block. I made a video that shows a little bit of the process as well as the inspiration from the neighborhood poppies–check it out.

Purchase one below–Free shipping.