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Afternoon Glow in the Basin

I could have just stayed in this moment forever. I walked out of the woods onto the granite ledges and the afternoon light on the little islands, rocks and water was spectacular. I couldn’t help but sit, put my feet in the water and take it all in. I shared a few images with my […]

Island Joy

I sat in the on some warm rocks yesterday morning and painted one of my favorite Lane’s Island views. I just love the pine trees and the brush field on this hill and the way it meets the ocean. And the light sparkling across the water was intoxicating. Just trying to soak it all up. […]

Sunrise Over Isle au Haut

I walked out the the end of the beach this morning to admire the brisk October sunrise. It did not disappoint. This is a view looking over towards Isle au Haut with the trees of Bob Meadow Point silhouetted. It was beautiful and the air felt so crisp and good on my cheeks. 🙂

Autumn Cove

For our sibling set this week we’ve got pieces inspired by a trail walk I did the other day that dropped me at the end of a cove with these huge granite rocks. I just can’t get over all of the granite ledges everywhere. They really are magical! And the lower the tide, the more […]

October Sunset

I can just feel the daylight being squeezed out of these gorgeous October days, but that’s ok, because the sunsets have been magic. I caught this one on the bridge to Lane’s Island the other day and it filled me right up. Just look at the glow! I’m trying to take in as many of […]

Colorful Autumn Shore

Every painting tells a story and I’m going to tell you the behind the scenes story to this one. I headed out on a morning painting adventure yesterday, determined to find a little trail I had heard about. It was somewhat hidden, but I propped my bike up against a tree and followed a narrow […]

Autumn Island Summit

I took a late afternoon hike the other day on a trail that I had never been on before and there were so many wonderful elements of surprise–including this spectacular view looking down Long Cove. The trees have really started to turn on the island and the glow of the afternoon sun combined with the […]

Teal Dory

This morning I walked down the street to sit near a dock. There were lobster traps piled high everywhere I looked and this teal dory just called to me. I was about halfway through the painting when 2 guys and dog walked down this dock and hopped in the boat and took off. I was […]

Golden Hour

I sat on the beach shore of Lane’s Island yesterday afternoon and painted as the sun quickly lowered. It was low tide and the pine trees, sea grasses and seaweed started to glow, and the water sparkled even more. What a magical time of day. I painted quickly trying to capture the golden autumn light […]

Maine Coast Drizzle I & II

It was a gray and drizzly day yesterday … and beautiful! I decided to head out for a morning paddle at high tide and as I got to the Basin, a gentle rain started to fall. I decided to head out anyway and it was so worth it. The water was so still and there […]