daily paintings

Autumn Shore

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Autumn Shore • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood

I’ve been walking the trails on Lane’s Island a lot and I just can’t get enough of this view. I love the marsh grass and the way the opposing shorelines reach out across Indian Creek. Such a special place and always my first stop when I arrive on Vinalhaven.

Colorful Gray Day

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Colorful Gray Day • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

I sat on a bench with the ebbing tide flowing below and took in the gorgeous scenery of Vinal Cove and painted. The rush of the water flowing through a narrow passage was so relaxing and I had a bald eagle fly overhead. So beautiful!

Ocean Glimpses

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Ocean Glimpses • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link

I could wander the little trails on Lane’s Island all day. I love how the grassy paths meander through the hills, the brush and the pine trees while offering glimpses of the water and the coastline. It’s such a special place to walk, dream and just be. I’m grateful.

Morning Light on Casco Bay

Morning Light on Casco Bay • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

I’ve been slacking in the morning lately and missing the actual sunrise from the Eastern Prom. But I am so enjoying the warmth of the early morning light after the sun has come up. I love the way the light dances on the still water and seeing a few boats still out in the bay. Such a gorgeous spot to call home.

Kettle Cove Moon

Kettle Cove Moon • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link

We had a lovely picnic dinner at Kettle Cove with friends and got to enjoy the magic of the moon coming up. It’s such a treat to witness these moments in such beautiful settings.

Summer Evening

Summer Evening • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link

We’ve enjoyed a bunch of gorgeous summer evenings on the Eastern Prom recently and it really fills me up. Just look at this view and the sunset glow! I love watching the clouds change shape and color as the sun goes down, and seeing all of the boats sparkling in the evening light is so inviting. I’m so grateful to have this park and these views in my backyard. WOW!

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

Having grown up in the Midwest & Northeast where the landscape is lush and rolling, I find the South Carolina Lowcountry other worldly. I am ALWAYS amazed at this landscape–it has such a primitive and raw feel to it. And the more time I spend here, the more I love it. It really does remind me of the jungle. And speaking of the jungle, the movies the Jungle Book and Forest Gump were filmed out here on the Sea Islands … and the Prince of Tides too. So cool! This little scene is from a nearby pond that is often full of egrets, herons … and gators too. I so enjoy observing it … from a distance. 🙂

Coastal Bliss x3

Happy Harbor • 8×8 • oil on wood
Morning Meadow • 8×8 • oil on wood • SOLD
Morning Rock Hop • 8×8 • oil on wood

Time to get lost in the magic of the Maine coast! Here are 3 recent paintings from walks along the Maine Coast. All beautiful, all so different. I love the cheer of the boats in harbor with the light sparkling on the water, the softness of the morning light in the field that lies near the shore, and then the colourful rock hop offering scenic views of the hill and rocks ahead. Such a treat!

Marsh Beauty

Marsh Beauty • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

Witnessing the changes on the marsh throughout the day is soooo cool. The tide moves in and out, the light shifts, the grass blows and all kinds of wildlife comes through. What an amazing place. Just today I watched the egrets fly right in front of me, the fiddler crabs scurry at the sight of my shadow, a racoon meander through at low tide, a deer grazing at the edge, turkey vultures circling above, a juvenile eagle soaring high, painted buntings and blue birds fluttering by … and I could go on. There is SO much to observe and every day is different and so very special.