daily paintings

Island Fog

Island Fog • 8×8 • oil on wood • 8×8 • SOLD

I had a peaceful early morning walk in the fog a couple of days ago. The trail I was on dropped me at some granite ledges where the water blended with the sky and each layer of the shore line looked further and further away, while the sounds of the birds and fog horn felt so close. I love the moodiness of fog!

Sunset & Moonrise

Sundown Stillness – 6×6 – oil on wood
Pink Granite Moonrise – 6×6 – oil on wood – SOLD

About the other night … We watched the sunset fade below the horizon from the warmth of a slab of pink granite.  The colors in the sky and water were so soft and dreamy while the silhouette of the rocks in the foreground were so bold.  There was a stillness in the air and so much beauty around us.  And when we turned to head home and were thrilled to find the moon coming up over the tree tops. Wow. It was a breathtaking island evening.

Day Break at Fish Point

Day Break at Fish Point • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood • SOLD

I’ve been enjoying some lovely walks before the sun comes up! The quiet and the colors of the sky at day break are so special. I walked out on Fish Point the other morning and soaked up the pastel palette that was in the sky and reflecting into the water. Such a pretty way to start the day!

Cliff House Beach

Cliff House Beach • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

A mid-day swim at Cliff House Beach in the heat of the Summer is the best. This little beach is so scenic with the view from the top of the cliff looking down to the cove and and Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse off in the distance. I always love a visit to this spot and a swim too–the water is so nice and cold. And the day lilies at the edge of the cliff in the foreground really set the summer scene, don’t you think?

Lake Champlain Sunset

Lake Champlain Sunset • 8×8 • oil on wood • $175 • purchase link

I’m up in North Hero, Vermont with some of my family which meant my brother and I got to sit side by side and do a sibling painting yesterday. It was so fun to paint next to him! This paintings inspired by a spectacular sunset boat ride my brother took us for the other night. Mother Nature put on an incredible show. The sky was glowing in every direction–it was sensory overload and all of the layers of clouds and colors felt surreal … almost like a dream. We were sitting out near Butler Island looking towards Vermont’s Green Mountains. This was a tough sky to capture, but I love that we captured the same elements with a very similar palette. Scroll down for a video of our paint session.

E. Fraser • 8×8 • oil on wood • purchase
M. Fraser • 8×8 • oil on wood • purchase

Mount Desert Shore

Mount Desert Shore • 8×8 • oil on wood • $175 • purchase link

We decided to get lost in a little coastal magic for the week’s sibling set. Looking down the Mount Desert Island shoreline is so dreamy … the pink granite, the pine trees, the cliffs, the mountains. No place better to escape to in summer.

E.Fraser • 8×8 • oil on wood • purchase
M.Fraser • 8×8 • oil on wood • purchase

Harbor Cheer

Harbor Cheer • 36×36 • oil on canvas • $2200 • purchase link

Painting this large harbor piece was so much fun! I love the magic of a working waterfront … the boats, the buoys, the traps, the shacks, watching the water rise and fall with the tides. I love ALL of it. I just can’t get enough of Carver’s Harbor in Vinalhaven.

Summer Sunset Glow

Summer Sunset Glow • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link

The weekend got away from me … a long bike ride, visiting with friends and celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary in the family. Phew! I did manage to carve out a little time to paint with my brother yesterday, just not enough time to post. Here we go …

Summer sunsets over water are magic … especially when enjoyed from a paddle board! Here’s a special one for our sibling set with a bold sky and gorgeous lake reflections. Ahhhh! I don’t know about you, but I always sleep better after catching a summer sunset.

E. Fraser • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase
M. Fraser • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase

July Sunrise on the Prom

July Sunrise on the Prom • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood • $125 • purchase link

We’re back with a sibling set after a rather long break. Life just got in the way for a bit. We’re hoping to keep this rolling as we have so much fun doing these. Here’s a sunrise from earlier this week on the Eastern Prom that I shared with Michael and we made it happen. Summer Sunrises in Maine are early, so I don’t catch them that often, but they’re always a treat. And seeing our interpretations of the same scene makes my heart sing. Enjoy.

E. Fraser • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase
M. Fraser • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase

Berry Time I & II

Berry Time I • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link
Berry Time II • 6×6 • oil on wood • $125 • purchase link

I’m back in Maine … and I’m getting to enjoy a second strawberry season. What a treat! I went and picked berries with a couple of girlfriends last week and of course, I couldn’t resist painting them. Fresh picked strawberries truly are nature’s candy. So good! I hope you got to enjoy some too. 🙂