daily paintings

Dusk on Crockett Cove

Dusk on Crockett Cove • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood • SOLD

I had so many amazing walks and adventures in October … enough to fuel my paintings for a long time to come. I shared this image with my brother this week and he agreed it would be a nice one to paint. I was sitting up here on Little Tiptoe Mountain looking out over Crockett Cove as the sun went down trying to decide if I should stay put and watch the moon come up over the island or if I should shuffle down the steep, rocky ledge before it got too dark. I soaked up the view of the cove at dusk for a few more minutes and headed to a safer destination to view the moonrise. I packed in so many amazing views in one evening. Such an amazing treat.

Elizabeth • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD
Michael • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

Mount Desert Narrows

Mt. Desert Narrows • 12×6 • oil on cradled wood • SOLD

Inspired by the warm weather today I decided to get lost in this happy little summer scene from Bar Harbor. I love the boats, the edge of Bar Island and the mountains across the narrows. What a great view to enjoy from the green–I could just sit here all day.

Sunrise Meditation

Sunrise Meditation • 48×24 • oil on 1.5 inch deep canvas • $1525 • purchase link

I just finished painting this beautiful sunrise that I witnessed this Fall on Vinalhaven. Sunrises on water are my happiness. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up for them, but I never regret it.

Winter Rooftops

Winter Rooftops, Munjoy Hill • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We’ve had a lot of construction on all sides our house over the past 5 years and after one of the jobs was completed we got to go up to a top floor balcony and take in this winter view of some Munjoy Hill rooftops. That’s Howard Street down below looking towards the Eastern Prom, Mackworth Island and beyond. Such a special view!

Pastel Fort Gorges

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you beauties! We’re sharing more Fort Gorges love for our sibling set this week. So many soft colors glowing on this particular sunrise from earlier this winter. Such a treat! :-). And it’s always so fascinating to see how we interpret scenes and color–Michael usually has a softer interpretation which is fun to observe and compare to mine.

Purchase the sibling set HERE (set ships free).

E. Fraser 6×6 oil on wood purchase link
M. Fraser 6×6 oil on wood purchase link

Avocado Still Life

Avocado Still Life • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

I was slicing an avocado the other day and realized that my brother and I had not yet painted a still life for our sibling set, so when we started to talk about what to paint, I said how about an avocado. We went for it and had lots of fun doing so . I stuck a lemon, a small juice glass and a spoon into the scene for color and variation … and I have to say, the spoons always get me. But it’s all good, I got to eat this yummy avocado.

Purchase the sibling set HERE.

Elizabeth • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase
Michael • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase

Morning Glow

Morning Glow • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood • SOLD

On this particular morning I was sleepy and dragging my feet to take the pups for a walk. As soon as I got outside I could see that the sky was starting to glow and the sunrise lover in me perked right up and took over. I grabbed the pups and headed for nearby Lane’s Island and this was our reward from the little bridge–the sky aglow behind Hens Island. Breathtaking.

Snowy Fort Gorges

Snowy Fort Gorges • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

We’ve got a snowy sibling set for you today in honor of our snow day today. We decided to paint a snowy scene looking out to Fort Gorges from Eastern Prom. The snow flakes didn’t show in the photo I had taken earlier this winter, so we each did our own thing with the flakes. Happy Snow! I hope you are safe and cozy!

Elizabeth • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD
Michael • 6×6 • oil on wood • purchase

Hunter’s Moon

Hunter’s Blood Moon Over Isle Au Haut Bay • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood • $100 • purchase link

I’ve been meaning to paint this gorgeous October moonrise I witnessed from Geary’s beach on Vinalhaven this Fall, and today was the day. I had gone for a late afternoon hike and pondered watching the moon come up from high atop a rocky ledge, but realized I might be in trouble getting down the rock after dark, so I headed over to the beach to watch it come up over Isle au Haut and the bay instead. It was glorious!