daily paintings

Summer Fun at the Shacks

Summer Fun at the Shack • 5×5 • oil on 1/2″ wood panel • SOLD

We took a gorgeous walk in the Willard Beach area last weekend and of course I got inspired by the shacks. I can’t resist these beauties perched on the bluff. I love the way they sit so proud and exposed while keeping tabs on all of the happenings in the channel. So magical!

This painting is done on a wood panel, click the purchase link to see pictures of the panel

Morning Marsh

Morning Marsh • 6×6 • oil on canvas • $100 • purchase link

We took the pups over to Pine Point last week for a gorgeous early morning beach walk (watch the video here). It was sunny when we left Portland and really foggy and a good 12 degrees cooler when we arrived at the beach. It was such a treat to stroll the misty shoreline at low tide. We had the whole beach to ourselves! As we headed back home I couldn’t resist stopping to admire the Scarborough marsh looking back towards Ferry Beach and Pine Point. There is something so peaceful about getting lost in a marsh view.

Fort Gorges Explored

TINY TUESDAY • Fort Gorges Explored • 5x5s • oil on gessoboard • purchase links

Here are 4 Fort Gorges “tiny tuesday” paintings, inspired by a recent early morning paddleboard excursion on Casco Bay. I circled the fort and took in all of the cool angles and the mesmerizing reflections on the water, before going inside for some more amazing views. I hope you can feel the magic of my outing on the water and my love for the fort.

I sketched out the compositions of these paintings in paint and then gave myself a 30 minute time limit for each one. I’m really pleased with them and the energy they capture.

You can purchase them as a set or individually. :-). Here’s a video of my paddle excursion!

Poppies Alla Prima

Poppies Alla Prima • 16×8 • oil on canvas • SOLD

I’ve been enjoying my neighborhood dog walks and all of the poppies that are in bloom right now. So gorgeous! Watching poppies dance in the breeze is so mesmerizing. I just can’t get enough of them. If you want to see my tiktok inspiration and process video, click here. I hope your spring is bursting with color and joy! Sending much love your way.

Morning Light

Morning Light • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We’re back in Maine and it has taken me almost a week to find some sort of rhythm after a long, long drive home from South Carolina. I’m getting there though. 🙂 I even managed to wake up early enough to see some morning magic a few times this week–that can be difficult at this time of year because the sun rises at 5 am. So early! It’s so nice to see the boats making their way back to their moorings and to look out across Casco Bay from the prom. Such a magical view.


Sand Dunes Moon

Sand Dunes Moon, Fripp Island • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $775 • email for inquiry

This is the last of the larger canvases I had to paint on while down in South Carolina and I couldn’t resist capturing that magical full moon I caught from the beach. Everything about that evening was dreamy … warm, breezy, clear and gorgeous! I rode my bike down to the beach with my beach blanket stuffed into my backpack and I sat there with my feet in the sand and just soaked up the beauty of the shifting light. Seeing the moon through that dune grass was sooooo cool. Click here to see my tiktok process video of this painting.

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

How could I not paint a painted bunting after seeing them for the first time?! They really look like flying painter’s palettes–they’re soooo gorgeous! We’ve got a little feeder up on the window and have really enjoyed watching a pair of cardinals come and go all spring, but then a couple of weeks ago, the painted buntings arrived! Every time I see them I get so excited and giddy. They are so sweet and fun to watch. They generally feed at the feeder 3 or 4 times a day and sometimes they perch on the edge of the deck too. Happiness! Here’s my tiktok video of the painted bunting painting process. 🙂

Egret Sunrise

Egret Sunrise • 24×36 • oil on canvas • $895 • email for inquiry

I never r-egret getting up for a sunrise … especially this particular one. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness the magic of this egret silhouetted in flight at sunrise on the beach. Just stunning. There are so many interesting things to observe on the beach at dawn and it never gets old. We’ve seen deer, an eagle, horseshoe crabs, starfish, sand dollars, jelly fish, an Atlantic gannet, osprey, pelicans, dolphins, crabs, herons and of course egrets. And now that May is here, the loggerhead turtles will be coming in to nest. I’m hoping to get to see one!

Beaufort Harbor

Beaufort Harbor • 24×24 • oil on canvas • $775 • email for inquiry

We have a favorite lunch spot in Beaufort–the Herban Market & Cafe–and we love sitting on their patio and looking out through the Spanish Moss at the sailboats in the harbor. For us Maine girls, it’s just so cool to see sailboats, palm trees, marsh and that gorgeous hanging moss all in the same view. WOW! 🙂